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Artist Dmitry Yakhovsky

Dmitry has an extensive experience in both traditional and digital art. His process is to work with clients to achieve their goals using the formats and techniques best suited to their projects. Whether it is creating concept images with digital or hand drawn sketches, illustrations for print or digital projects or traditional painting, drawing and textured works. He applies the approach that will give his client the best results for their particular needs.
Dmitry has been working with MadeGlobal Publishing to create cover artwork. However, he has now taken the step to publish his graphic novel with MadeGlobal. “The Shadow of the Cross” is stunning to look at. Book one was published in 2016 and book two in 2017. Through his artwork, he brings situations and stories to life.
In 2018 Dmitry created, along with author Debra Bayani, The Wars of the Roses Colouring Book.
The paintings of Dmitry Yakhovsky are exhibited in various galleries and even in the icon museum in Kampen, Netherlands. The mayor of the town selected his watercolour to be part of the exhibition called “the Mayor’s Choice”.



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